About the Owner

image (1)Hi everyone, I’m Tiffany A. Johnson.  I am 30 years old, I was born prematurely on June 26, 1988.   I was raised in Montgomery, AL.     I am a College Graduate, Freelance Editor, Blogger, and DisABLEd advocate.  

At the age of four, after seeing several doctors for years, and surgeries that didn’t work for my family and I finally got the answer to the BIG question of “Why wasn’t I walking yet?”  I had Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, and possibly would never walk.   Now, I was four so understanding this was difficult but it made sense to why I wasn’t running and playing like my cousins.  Although, it made sense it hurt everyone to there core especially my mother.  She thought she had done something wrong.  Because some people had their own opinions about how my mom
1656085_674620315909546_1471703389_nshould have handled it.  From that moment on though, I was sent to one of the top children’s hospitals around.  Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Greenville, South Carolina.  My mother made sure that I understood my diagnosis would not define me,and that just because I had to do things differently doesn’t mean that I couldn’t.  So, I began to do my own research to learn more about my disorder. I wanted to learn to live with it and educate others.  Yes, I was young but I was determined!  A few years later I learned I had Lordosis Scoliosis, and it wasn’t severe so it was no need to worry.  I learned as much as I possibly could and asked the doctors hundreds of questions.  I went to school regularly, even in the hospital so I wouldn’t be behind.  Through the years I learned that if I accepted my disorder others would too.  I finished school, and now it was time to go off to college.  

imageI graduated college, and in reality didn’t know where to start I was stressing about the moment I would graduate even before it was near. 

The time came to look for work, and my school had career services so I expected to utilize this to my full advantage.  It didn’t happen though, and I was still stuck at square one.  I was beyond frustrated at this point, and I knew something had to be done, and it had to be done now!  I had thought about starting Uniqueli MADE for three years, but the time was now.  I knew I couldn’t be the only one disabled and struggling trying to build a life for themselves.  All we need are the proper resources and opportunities, because anything we want to do we can do. Uniqueli MADE is a platform that shares Disability News, Resources, and Inspiration to empower those in the disabled community.