Guest blogger: Rebecca Moore of AbleRise For the nearly 49 million Americans currently living with disabilities, finding a job that offers a flexible schedule can be difficult. Entering the workforce with a physical disability can be tricky at times, and those who have special emotional or cognitive needs often need […]

Disabled and Having A Flexible Schedule – Top 5 Jobs

    Hey, everybody!!  Ever wonder why laws were made to include the disabled or make things accessible for them but yet that is something we are still fighting for? Although we’ve come a long way we still have ways to go.  Why? Because things that are supposed to be […]

Accessible Space Inc

  Finding employment is difficult for anyone especially when you have a disability.  So, it can be really disheartening when you find out a government resource that is put in place to help you may actually make things worse. That’s the horrible notion around SSI and SSDI benefits  for the […]

How To Work While On SSI and Keep Your Benefits

Hey everyone!! It’s June, yes summer is slowly approaching…who’s excited?! I am not only because it’s my birthday month and it is really time to travel, go to the beach, and have long crazy nights of fun with the people you love. Not only that, but June is Scoliosis Awareness […]

Scoliosis Awareness Month 2016!!

Hi, everybody! It is the beginning of a new month.  Happy April! Every year a site called Flexjobs releases a list of the top 100 companies that do/will have work from home positions available this year.  Flexjobs has over 40,000 companies in their database and their top 100 list are […]

Top 100 companies w| Work From Home Positions…

Hey everyone! Are any of my readers sneaker heads like myself? #SneakerandShoeAddict I am.      If so, a few months ago I wrote about the Nike FLYEASE (Read that here).  A shoe line by Nike inspired by Matthew Walzer, a young man living with Cerebral Palsy.  Matthew has a difficult […]

Nike Expanding Shoe line for Disabled…

Active Forever:  Independent Living Equipment   Hey everybody! Today’s post will be about equipment…independent living equipment.  As a fellow disabled person living with a disability I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want or need their independence.  We have to learn how to do everything in a way where it allows […]

Independent Living Tools

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month 2016 Cerebral Palsy is a term that refers to several neurological disorders that appear in infancy or childhood.  It permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination.  This does not mean that the disorder gets worse.  CP is brought on by abnormalities in the brain, which control […]

CP Awareness Month 2016