Hey everybody!! This blog isn’t a part of blogmas.  All blogmas posts are weekly; the daily thing wasn’t working out.  If you haven’t check them out under the Resources tab.  Please do!   Today’s blog is about driving and modifications for vehicles.  Now, every disabled person’s dream is […]

Bank of America to Finance MV-1’s for Disabled

Hey Hey, everybody!!! I’m  backkkkkk! It’s been awhile and all I can say is I’m sorry!  A lot has happened over these last few weeks;  all causing me to take a step back.  I’ve still been working though and compiling content for my readers that would like to see Uniqueli […]

I’m Back!!!!!!!!! &’ Working w|Diversability….

About a month ago I got the chance to share my story of determination with Author J.B. Snow. She has written an eBook pictured below and my story is featured. Crazy right! This was an amazing opportunity for me and I’m really happy I did it. If you want to […]

An Opportunity to Share My Story

Hi everyone! Today I came across a clothing line that caught my attention, and I had to see what it was all about.   To my surprise it was a clothing line geared toward people with disabilities.  The clothing line is called Independence Day Clothing. Independence Day Clothing was started […]

Independence Day Clothing