What is your name? Nastasia Elise. How old are you? I am 24 years old. Where are you from? (State only) I am from the state of Ohio. What type of disability do you have? I have Right Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, Complex Partial Epilepsy, and Scoliosis. When were […]

Living w| A Disability – Nastasia Elise

theGrio REPORT – Kayleb Moon-Robinson, a student at Linkhorne Middle School in Lynchburg, Virginia, was arrested by a police officer assigned to the school and charged with disorderly conduct just … 11-year old autistic boy handcuffed at school and later charged with a felony

Some might ask our motivation to build an exercise facility to help people with disabilities to live healthier more active lifestyles.  It’s because anybody can become disabled at any time without warning. It’s because everyone deserves to have access to safe, affordable, and life changing exercise.  It’s our greatest calling and our […]

Santina is an actress, writer, and improviser—she’s also been in a wheelchair since she was 5 years old. What It’s Like To Be A Woman In A Wheelchair