Disabled and Having A Flexible Schedule – Top 5 Jobs


Guest blogger: Rebecca Moore of AbleRise

For the nearly 49 million Americans currently living with disabilities, finding a job that offers a flexible schedule can be difficult. Entering the workforce with a physical disability can be tricky at times, and those who have special emotional or cognitive needs often need to keep different hours than others.


Fortunately, there are options for disabled individuals who are looking for jobs and some of them are remote work-from-home positions. Here are five of the best.




Several companies hire employees to travel to different stores and oversee their merchandise, such as Hallmark. While some of these jobs do have physical requirements — such as standing on a ladder or lifting several pounds of product — most employers offer competitive pay and reimburse for mileage, meaning you can have some degree of flexibility while earning a good paycheck. There are also online companies, such as Stitch Fix, that allow you to get into merchandising by being a stylist for their customers.


If you find something you’re interested in, the company’s website will often make note of positions for people with disabilities. For example, Hallmark’s Careers page provides an email address to reach out to.




For millions of pet owners, the guilt over being away at work all day takes a toll, especially when the animal is young or taken out of an abusive situation. While work schedules are not always flexible, there are options for pet owners who need a responsible caregiver to come and let their fur-babies out or give them attention. Dog walking and dog boarding both offer great ways for people with disabilities to work with animals, which can be very rewarding. Check out Rover.com .


Nurse’s aide


Nursing can be a stressful job and can entail physical requirements, but you can check with local retirement homes or small hospitals/hospices to see if they have a need for an aide. These jobs are usually very quiet and low-key and may simply require you to sit with a patient for a time or assist a nurse with various tasks. Since healthcare is a 24-hour-a-day job, this could offer the chance to set your own schedule.




Whether you want to get creative or simply write factual articles for blogs or businesses, writing can be very lucrative and can afford you the ability to work from home at your own pace, depending on the employer. You can check with your favorite blog to see what their contributor needs are (most pay per article) or if you would rather work on that novel you have always had in you, get a good draft finished and a synopsis and check out FreedomWithWriting.com for leads on which publishers are looking for new authors.




If you are good with numbers and have the time to take online courses to get accredited, working for yourself as an accountant can be lucrative and can give you the chance to set your own schedule. It might be a good idea to check with local tax firms to see what they charge before you set your fees.


Finding employment that works for you and your disability does not have to be a stressful ordeal. In many cases, you can find something that offers just what you need if you know where to look.

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