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image2There are many things that everyone has their side on in the disabled community.  One of the biggest debates is that of whether we are to be referred to as handicapped or disabled.  Everyone has their preference.  I did too.   At one point I made an entire YouTube video dedicated to this topic, because I watched another YouTube video and it wasn’t even on or about  “disability or handicap” but the people in the comments started a debate.  I was bothered.  So, I thought why not share my opinion in video.  (I have since deleted the video)

As I said before many people have their own preferences.  Before recently, I’d always say,“I’d rather be considered disabled over handicapped” because to me “handicap” makes it sound so finite.  Like I will never be able to do this or that because of  this or that.  That was just my opinion.  Others, may and do think the exact opposite.  I think completely different now.   Looking the words up in the dictionary handicap would be more appropriate.

*definitions as seen in Webster’s dictionary*

disabled adjective) – having a physical or mental disability : unable to perform one or more natural activities (such as walking or seeing) because of illness, injury, etc.

handicap (noun) – a disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult.

In my opinion there’s no right or wrong way to address a disabled person even though either word can be viewed as disrespectful.  We as a community can define these words ourselves and reclaim them.  Because they are just labels.  We know what we can, and can’t or have a difficult time doing.  An illness, disorder, or even a disability doesn’t make us who we are as people.  They are what we have but they don’t have us!!

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