Hi, everyone!   Welcome to Uniqueli MADE a website geared toward the disabled community, their families, and friends find resources, news, motivation, and inspiration to live more productive lives and go after their dreams.   According, to the Center for Disease Control 20% of the population has a disability.  There are several different disabilities, which can affect a person’s communication, mobility, speech, hearing, mental health and so on.  Disabilities can affect people in different ways.   A group of people could have the same type of disability and one could have problems with walking, talking,  swallowing, muscles and joints, and even posture.    A  person can become disabled from birth, accidents, and injuries,  and general health as you get older.

Being disabled is hard. Trust me I know. A lot of the things and resources that people and the government have set up to help the disabled don’t really help us at all.  I will share all the information I’ve found and collected with you all.   I am not a professional, but I know how it is to be disabled and want to have your independence.   This website will serve as an informative and relatable source. There will be posts about housing, education, employment, and dating to name a few.   Now, I do not know all the answers. I am only trying to show everyone that just because a person has obstacles it doesn’t mean they can’t live productive lives. All information shared is strictly information I have been using in my own life. We will be learning together.  For any questions, there is a contact page.