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Active Forever:  Independent Living Equipment


93.jpgHey everybody! Today’s post will be about equipment…independent living equipment.  As a fellow disabled person living with a disability I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want or need their independence.  We have to learn how to do everything in a way where it allows us as much independence as possible.  It’s not a pride thing, but there is something about being able to do for yourself..there’s nothing like it!


Honestly, a lot of things others may take for granted, if a disabled person gets the chance to do it we cherish every minute.  Things like cooking, driving, walking, recreational activities, etc mean so much to us.     Whether you were born with an disorder, or got injured at some point in life…this still applies to you.   Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the equipment you need for your daily lives in one place?  Hand controls for driving, vehicle lifts, hair washing and styling aids, commodes, beds, kitchen aids, canes and walkers all for affordable prices.


Now you can! The company Active Forever based in Peoria, AZ carries everything that any disabled or elderly person may need to live or continue to live independently.  Active Forever has been the top ranked eCommerce site for medical, safety, fitness and productivity products catering to the disabled and elderly for years.  They are the world’s first and nation’s largest most trusted merchant.


To check out the company and their site go to    your one stop shop for independent living.