Influenster Review: Revive Voxbox

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Hi everyone, today I come to you with another lifestyle blog post.  A few weeks ago I received another vox box from Influenster.  IMG_0086 (1)The vox box this month had tons of items that were geared toward health and wellness.  That is a theme for a lot of us disabled and able-bodied these days we want to be fit and healthy.   The Revive Voxbox contained five products from companies like the Vitamin Shoppe, Shea Moisture, Snackwells, and Brew and Renew.   I received protein powders with a shaker bottle, biscuit thins, compostable coffee pods, and fruit fusion coconut water weightless shampoo and conditioner.


I  had three protein powders Vanilla from Plnt, Cookies ‘n’ Creme from Next Step, and Strawberries and Cream from BodyTech Whey 24.  They also  sent a BodyTech shaker bottle.  I thoroughly enjoyed each of these except the Vanilla because I made that one with water (as recommended) it was horrible.  So after, that experience I learned that they are better with milk (preferably Almond or Coconut).  The Plnt protein had no gluten, dairy, soy, or nuts as well as being non-GMO.  FullSizeRenderAlthough it was my  least favorite I may give it another try in the future.  Next, my absolute favorite one was the Next  Step Cookies ‘n’ Creme.  This particular powder was SO GOOD!   It was creamy, filling, and just overall delicious.  I will definitely be buying it again.  The  last flavor I received was Strawberries and Cream from Whey Tech Pro 24 .  I enjoyed that one as well.  All of the protein powders aid in the reduction of body fat and reduces hunger and cravings. You can find all of these at your local Vitamin Shoppe, or online at .


The other things I received were Snackwells Biscuit Thins in the French Vanilla Latte Flavor.  Those were the best breakfast snack to go with coffee.  I really enjoyed them! The only con was the overwhelming coffee flavor.  It was a bit much but did not take away from the actual snack.  You  can find Snackwells Biscuit Thins at any local grocery store.IMG_4143


Also, there was a Shea Moisture sample pack of Fruit Fusion Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner.  I am a naturalista so this made me extremely happy.  I LOVE Shea Moisture products!  They unbelievably make my hair look and feel amazing,  so I had very high expectations seeing that I use the line but never these particular products.   I was not disappointed!!  (Pictures on Instagram) Shea moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner as well as  any Shea Moisture products can be found online at .


Lastly, I received the Brew and Renew Sample pack.  If you have not heard of Brew and Renew they make samples of compostable coffee pods or K-Cups.  K-cups are little coffee containers that are only used to make a single cup of coffee.  Therefore, eliminating making a pot of coffee that would go to waste because you only drank one cup.  Brew and Renew have a compostable K-cup sampler with Hill Bros, Kauai, and Chock Full O Nuts medium roast coffee in it.  Each K-cup is compostable and once done can possibly be used to make other nutrients on top of being delicious.  That’s a plus! 


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