Influenster Review: Vicks ZzzQuil


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free-zzzquil-sleep-aidHey everybody! How is everyone doing? I’m back with a lifestyle post.  A few weeks ago,
Influenster sent me a sleep-aid to  try and review for free.  Yes, your eyes saw it right…a sleep-aid.  I was a bit hesitant at first because let’s be honest sleep aids don’t have a lot of positive feedback surrounding them…addictions  to overdoses.  After,  receiving my box and opening it I was relieved.  Why?  This product was from a familiar company one that I’ve used all my life because it was introduced to me as a child when I got sick.  That company was Vicks the makers of Vicks Vapor Rub, NyQuil, and DayQuil.  They now make sleep-aids called ZzzQuilZzzQuil comes in various flavors as a  liquid and liquid gelcaps.  Its main purpose is to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and relieve occasional sleeplessness. 

Photo (1)I suffer from insomnia and I could be extremely tired and have the hardest time going to sleep,  so Influenster sent this product right on time.  I had not slept for more than four maybe five hours in three days.  I needed sleep.  So, one Thursday night I pulled out my box and decided to take the ZzzQuil.  Thinking it wouldn’t work right away I did, but boy was I wrong?  It worked immediately.  Within the first three minutes I started to get sleepy and not like a ‘drowsy or woozy’ type sleepy   it felt so natural.  I got in the bed a little after that, and went right to sleep.  I even slept right on into the next day.   is absolutely amazing!  I recommend this to everyone…it works magic!

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