Life After The Crown – Whitney Ford

Hi everyone, a few days ago I had the pleasure of doing a follow-up interview with Ms.  Wheelchair Alabama-America 2017, Whitney Ford.  Her reign has come to an end, and she has handed over the crown to Ms. Megan Morrison.  Although, her reign is over her work hasn’t stopped.  She has so much more she wants to do and accomplish.  Check out what she had to say in this brief interview below:


 UM:   Looking back over the past year do you feel you accomplished all of the goals you set during your reign? If not why?


WF:  no, not by a long shot but that’s okay because my journey isn’t over. Not only that, but one thing I stressed in my farewell speech is that advocacy is forever and so much bigger than just me. 


UM:   Do you wish you could have done more?


  WF:  I do. I started wishing I had done more before it ended and I actually felt bad about it for a few months. I’m a super passionate person sometimes its hard to put things in perspective with all my anxious moments and what not but I get there. I’ve realized that the things I wasn’t able to do I can and will still do. 


 UM:   In what ways has being Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2017 changed your views or perspective on certain things within the disabled community?


   WF:  It definitely exposed me to different avenues and perspectives of disability to add to my own. I wouldn’t say that it changed it. 


UM:   With your title, did it help bring more exposure to your cause and platform?

WF:  It was definitely a start. I don’t think anything is ever just enough with advocacy which is why its so awesome that each year there’s someone added to the team of advocates in the program, Ms. Wheelchair Alabama – America Morgan Morrison will definitely be continuing spreading a great message in her own way. Different forms of expression is always needed to get a message across.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           UM:  Now that your reign is over, what is next for you? 

WF:   What’s next for me is just continue advocating. I’ve been invited back to an event I actually did during my reign on the independent living panel for the Youth Leadership Forum at Troy University. I’ve been invited to speak at an Ainsley’s Angels of America event which is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the special needs community. They are a group of runners that loan our legs to those that are mobility challenged, we use large specialized running chairs to push them in local races like the 5k, 10k, Marathon and more. on June 30th called Rolling in the Rocket City 5k and Fun Run. The event starts at 8:00 and should be over by 10:30, and is held at the Aegis Technology Building at 410 Jan Davis Dr in Huntsville(Research Park behind Bridge Street Mall). I’ve also had some of my own things in the works. 


UM:  How do you see He Is My Crutch evolving?  More books?


WF:  I see it evolving in a big way. I feel I have a clear way to spread and give others understanding of what it is. I am going to be announcing somethings soon.  Definitely! Some cool things coming from the first one soon as well. It’s “birthday” is May 23rd so it’s time to celebrate! 


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