Mo – Tee – vational Tuesday #5

Hey everybody!! Today is Tuesday, June 7th. Happy Birthday to all the Gemini’s around the world. Enjoy your season! Major Happy Birthday, to the purple Prince himself. May you rest peacefully. Ok, everyone today will be a double blog day beginning with the 5th installment of mo-tee-vational Tuesdays.

Today’s motivational quote is “Track your small wins to motivate big accomplishments…” -Teresa Amabile
This quote means that we should appreciate and celebrate small milestones just like we do big ones because doing that will motivate us to continue to go after the bigger ones we set. Therefore, not leaving time to slack or second guess a choice. Accomplishing goals is a process and celebrating the small wins helps an individual to appreciate the process whether there are good days or bad. Remember, one small step is better than one huge leap in the wrong direction.

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