Mo-Tee-vational Tuesday #6

Hi,   everybody!! Today is Mo-Tee-vational Tuesday, it’s the 6th installment for this category.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Let’s get right into it…today’s quote is “F.E.A.R has two meanings 1) Fear Everything And Run or 2) Face Everything And Rise the choice is yours.”  -Unknown


It is a very self explanatory and simply means you either let fear run you, or you run fear.  We all have something we’re afraid of and sometimes that fear can paralyze you.  It is our decision. Society seems to have us thinking we must win at everything, so we have a fear of failing, rejection, and not being accepted.  Those will paralyze you and give you a feeling of not being good enough. Not to be compared to fears and phobias of spiders, heights, or clowns( a personal fear of my own) but just like them they can be overcame.  Let no fear hinder you, just face everything and rise.  Because it may be apart of your path to success.

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