Mobility Scooters 2.0

I was asked to share this on my site for my UK audience.  Easy Pay Mobility is the largest scooter companies in the country.  So for all your mobility needs check them out!

A look into the Future

With 11.9million disabled people in the UK and the market numbers going through the roof. There’s a projected increase from £1.3 Billion in 2016 to £1.7 Billion by 2021.   The mobility sector is not a small one.  As a result, more and more mobility concepts and starting to arise and in this piece, we’ll go through each of them and take a look at some of the latest technology that’s coming with them.

This piece will also look at the stats surrounding the mobility sector.  It will show who is actually using them.  As well, as to bring light to how more needs to be done to keep mobility scooter users safe.

Future Of Mobility Scooters
Future Of Mobility Scooters by Easy Pay Mobility

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