Morgan’s Inspiration Island: The first fully accessible Splash Park (Spring, 2017)

Happy Monday, everyone!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine, was pretty good especially yesterday.  I’m gearing  up for another grueling work week.  I have so much I’m working on for you guys…I CAN’T wait to share everything!

Photo belongs to Morgan’s Wonderland

Awhile ago, I wrote about Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, TX.  It is an Amusement Park for the disabled as well as, the able.  The start of Morgan’s Wonderland began in the summer of 2005 when Morgan’s father Gordon Hartman set out to create a place where Morgan and people like her can enjoy themselves as well.  On April 10, 2010 Morgan’s Wonderland became a reality.  It was the first amusement park designed with disabled persons in mind.  It is completely wheelchair accessible, has 25 featured attractions including playgrounds, rides, and much more.  If you have a disability you are admitted free.  Five and a half years later, Gordon’s vision is expanding.  He and his family recently broke ground on Morgan’s Inspiration Island, a completely accessible waterpark.  To learn more please check out .

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