News: Computer Interface Helps the Paralyzed Type

Hey, everybody!! Today’s blog is a short news post about Stanford University developing a brain-computer interface that is greater than any brain-computer interface before.  This interface will allow people with paralysis to type on a computer faster than before.  It uses an onscreen matrix of letters to show how fast a person with full paralysis can type with their brains. 

The interface was tested by two ALS patients, and one patient with a Spinal Cord injury.  There generated movements in their brains were interpreted and typed out on the screen.  One of the testers was able to type thirty-nine characters per minute without word completion software.   If it was paired with word completion software patients would probably type much faster.  Although, before that happens a lot more testing has to be done.



This is so exciting!  I know so many people that would benefit from this.  For more on this story please check out 

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