News: Custom-Fitted Spine Implants

When you have spine deformities like Scoliosis and many others having it corrected meansspine_image_colman_story.jpg surgery.  Over the year of 2010-2011 1.6 million people got treated for Scoliosis, but 38,000 people need rods placed on their spine each year.  Correcting a spine with deformity is no easy task because it requires placing metal rods on the bones around the spinal column to support and straighten the spine.  Yes, so that means doctors would have to cut, bend, and twist the rods to fit the patient, which ultimately  makes the surgery longer.  On top of the fact that with all the manipulation some of the rods may become significantly weaker needing the surgery to be redone in a few years.

Now, though with technology being so advanced there’s new medical imaging and implant manufacturing techniques that make it possible to custom fit spine implants for each patient.  This will remove the cutting, bending, and twisting the doctors would have to do and make the procedure shorter.   As well, as reducing the need for the surgery being redone.

Do you think this will be the cure all for Scoliosis and other spine deformities?

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