News: FDA Warns Against Fake Meds to Treat Autism

Hey, everybody!!  In today’s blog post we will be talking about the FDA wanting the public to be aware of fake medications.  Not just any medications but meds said to be used in curing Autism.  I thought this would be perfect as that April is Autism Awareness Month. 


The Food and Drug Administration sent out a notice last week cautioning that a lot of products claiming to cure Autism is bogus, and can possibly have significant health risks.  The FDA states, that there is no known cure for Autism at this time, and many claiming to just doesn’t work.  According to Disability Scoop, companies advertising treatments such as chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and detoxifying clay baths as well as raw camel milk and essential oils have been notified, or subject to FDA action for making improper claims related to Autism. The only medications that are approved by the FDA to treat Autism symptoms are antipsychotics Risperidone, or Risperdal, and Aripripazole, also known as Abilify.   They are asking all consumers to be suspicious of treatments claiming to be a “quick fix” or “miracle cure”.  Because they are not real.  Most Autism therapies or treatments are designed to address specific symptoms and can bring about improvement says, Pediatrician, Amy Taylor. 



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