Review: Boosting Your Brain With ForBrain


In today’s blog, I’ll be reviewing the auditory and sensory device Forbrain. A device sent to me by the company Sound For Life. Forbrain is a headset said to improve auditory and sensory processing. It retains the way a person’s brain processes information using bone conduction, which transmits your voice 10x’s faster. The device has a dynamic filter, bone conduction membranes on either side and a microphone.


How Forbrain works is that you speak into the microphone and you hear your voice through bone conduction, and then again modulated through the dynamic filter. The brain already has to break down speech into smaller chunks of information so Forbrain does that as well as using a vocal loop leading to better speech production.  Using this device you can improve your attention span, memory, reading, speech and writing. Forbrain is perfect for everyone except for children ages three and below, people with Parkinson’s or with hearing loss under 80%.

I used Forbrain for almost 3 1/2 weeks. Sound For Life recommends only using the headset for 10 to 30 minutes per day as an adult with 5-minute breaks in between. If you are a kid it’s recommended use is 3 to 20 minutes. Each training session strengthens auditory reception and processing. During this time I read aloud, exaggerated words, and sang with the device getting used to breathing and hearing myself. Each day I noticed more and more progress. My speech had become clearer and I saw a much-needed improvement in my focus. The only downside I saw was the static in the headset I was talking other than that it was awesome.  The headset was definitely a game-changer for me and I will continue to train with it to better my overall speech. I recommend that anyone trying to boost their focus, speech, and overall brain activity use Forbrain. Proper packaging and usage of the Forbrain headset will be provided below. Also, I have a unique affiliate code for those of you wanting to try it out.


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