Hey, everyone!  Today’s blog post is about employment, not just any employment hacks but employment for people on the autistic spectrum.    Awhile back the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Mich started an initiative geared toward hiring people with autism.  The initiative is called Ford Inclusive Works, last summer […]

News: Ford Expands Autism Hiring Initiative

Hello, everyone! In today’s news post we will follow up on the Federal disability hiring quota I wrote about back in March 2016.  See it here – http://uniquelimade.com/2016/03/news-a-disability-hiring-quota/   The Federal government set a new hiring goal for federal government employment across the board which will allow them to use […]

News: The Federal Hiring Quota 2018

Guest blogger: Rebecca Moore of AbleRise For the nearly 49 million Americans currently living with disabilities, finding a job that offers a flexible schedule can be difficult. Entering the workforce with a physical disability can be tricky at times, and those who have special emotional or cognitive needs often need […]

Disabled and Having A Flexible Schedule – Top 5 Jobs

  Finding employment is difficult for anyone especially when you have a disability.  So, it can be really disheartening when you find out a government resource that is put in place to help you may actually make things worse. That’s the horrible notion around SSI and SSDI benefits  for the […]

How To Work While On SSI and Keep Your Benefits

  A month ago I got an opportunity to do an interview with Juliette Piazza of Inclusight to talk with her about Uniqueli MADE.  Inclusight is an up and coming platform that thrives to make our society better by giving persons with disabilities better access to employment founded out of […]

Inclusight Interview

Hi, everybody! It is the beginning of a new month.  Happy April! Every year a site called Flexjobs releases a list of the top 100 companies that do/will have work from home positions available this year.  Flexjobs has over 40,000 companies in their database and their top 100 list are […]

Top 100 companies w| Work From Home Positions…

A Disability Hiring Quota For years it has been difficult for the disabled community in the work force.  Being disabled and trying to get gainful employment has been an obstacle for decades.  Yes, there’s the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that states no employers can […]

News: A Disability Hiring Quota

So getting a job while disabled is hard, but could it be on purpose?!  Put in several applications and resumes with no call back? I have! Something went wrong with my resume…Not enough detail? Too much detail? Wrong font?  It’s frustrating…discouraging…at the least bit annoying.   We’ve thought of all […]

News: Employment and Disclosing Disabilities

Hey everyone!!  Today’s news article covers something that is very important in the disabled community.  That important factor is that of independence.  If you are, know or have a disabled person in your life you know how much independence means to us.  A lot of the government resources and help […]

News: Helping the Disabled Gain Independence

Signs of a Work-From-Home Scam: They never contact you by phone They ask you for bank account information They ask you to make a separate bank account to hold “company funds” The tasks you perform don’t quite fit your job description. ​There’s no one at the said company by your […]

Ways to Spot Work from Home Scams / Also places ...