Good morning, everybody!!!      Today’s blog post is about housing in honor of National Fair Housing Month and the 49th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.  Not just any housing though, housing that is accessible and complies with ADA standards, as well as the discrimination that most people with disabilities face […]

News: Disabled Housing Discrimination at All-time High in 2016

    Hey, everybody!!  Ever wonder why laws were made to include the disabled or make things accessible for them but yet that is something we are still fighting for? Although we’ve come a long way we still have ways to go.  Why? Because things that are supposed to be […]

Accessible Space Inc

Housing: HUD – HUD will give you all the information you need  to know when looking for housing.  It will break down all your rights when being disabled and looking to find a home suitable for you. From reasonable accommodations, modifications, and accessibility.  If renting or owning a home is a […]

Disabled Housing and Education

So, yesterday President Obama announced on Twitter he has his own personal account where he’ll be able to talk to and answer questions from his constituents. I was excited to see this and earlier this morning I decided to ask about his plans to help the disabled community with employment […]

The President is on Twitter