Hey everybody!! I’m back and I have something very exciting to talk to you all about.  This is super exciting because I am always trying to look for ways to reach you guys and this makes it possible.  The opportunity I’m speaking of is a NEW application called TicketChat.  A […]

Come and Chat w| me on TicketChat

    So for about four years Apple has designed and implemented applications for their disabled consumers. If it’s a shock to you don’t worry it was for me too. If you use any Apple products Iphone/Ipad/Ipod go to the App Store and search for “Special Education”. There’s a series […]

Apps for the Disabled — (APPLE)

The world is more aware of the needs of the disabled community.  Most phones come with built-in features that make them even more accessible.  According to  android phones users can utilize the built-in options TalkBack, KickBack, and SoundBack. Apple products come with VoiceOver, FaceTime and AssistiveTouch. You should be able […]

Mobile Apps for the Disabled