Hey everybody!! I’m back and I have something very exciting to talk to you all about.  This is super exciting because I am always trying to look for ways to reach you guys and this makes it possible.  The opportunity I’m speaking of is a NEW application called TicketChat.  A […]

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I  am Tiffany Johnson,  27 year old  born with Spastic Diparesis Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis. Spastic Diparesis is a form of Cerebral Palsy that mainly affects the lower extremities (i.e legs). Spastic Cerebral Palsy accounts for maybe 70% to 80% of all Cerebral Palsy cases.  There are different severity levels to Cerebral […]

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Free for download Disability Etiquette A great resource for businesses, schools, organizations, staff training and disability awareness programs. You don’t have to feel awkward when interacting with, or when you meet, a person who has a disability. This booklet provides tips for you to follow that will help create positive […]

Disability Etiquette E-book