​​​​ Hey, everybody, today’s blog post is about a new licensing law the city of Chicago has put in place to help communication between disabled people and police or other first responders.  The card was introduced earlier this year by two state representatives, Stephanie Kifowit and Linda Holmes.  It began […]

News: New ID’s Help Communication Between Police and Disabled

Good morning, lovely people!  Today isn’t suppose to be a blog day, but I had to come share my thoughts on the horrific tragedy that happened last week in Japan.  I just recently found out about it after doing a little research because the media outlets haven’t really said much.  […]

News: Disabled targeted in Japan Massacre…19 killed (My thoughts)

Hey Hey, everybody!!! I’m  backkkkkk! It’s been awhile and all I can say is I’m sorry!  A lot has happened over these last few weeks;  all causing me to take a step back.  I’ve still been working though and compiling content for my readers that would like to see Uniqueli […]

I’m Back!!!!!!!!! &’ Working w|Diversability….

Hey hey, everyone! I’m trying to work out a schedule for blogging and all things Uniqueli MADE.  I may just start scheduling posts on the Saturday before the week starts.  Because this way always seems to get me backed-up.   Instead, of posting three times a week like I planned […]

News: Social Security Disability Face Depletion in Late 2016

Image description: multi-colored background with translucent circles in various sizes. The text reads: “I fail to see how using person first language is going to make people see me as a “person” before my disability. We should all be seen as people. If you really need to be reminded that […]