Hi, everybody!  Today I’ll be addressing a topic that really breaks my heart.  This topic is bullying. I came across a post on Instagram by rapper/actress Nicki Minaj who was applauding her fifth-grade teacher’s son for making a statement and standing up against a bully.  He himself was being bullied […]


Good morning, lovely people!  Today isn’t suppose to be a blog day, but I had to come share my thoughts on the horrific tragedy that happened last week in Japan.  I just recently found out about it after doing a little research because the media outlets haven’t really said much.  […]

News: Disabled targeted in Japan Massacre…19 killed (My thoughts)

 Sponsored by Influenster and Cover Girl   Hey everybody!! I’m back with a lifestyle post.  A few days ago Influenster sent me their ‘bloom’ Voxbox. Super exciting!! The vox box had products from Cover girl’s Queen Collection inside.  In the box were three products, the False Lash Drama Mascara, Natural […]

Influenster Review: Covergirl Queen Collection

When you have spine deformities like Scoliosis and many others having it corrected means surgery.  Over the year of 2010-2011 1.6 million people got treated for Scoliosis, but 38,000 people need rods placed on their spine each year.  Correcting a spine with deformity is no easy task because it requires […]

News: Custom-Fitted Spine Implants

Just because it has to be done differently doesn’t mean it can’t be done….Makeup Artist Jessica Ruiz makes her dream come true.  She was born with a congenital birth defect that makes it impossible to use her arms, but she didn’t let that stop her… Read more of her story […]

The Story of Philadelphia Makeup Artist…Jessica Ruiz

About a month ago I got the chance to share my story of determination with Author J.B. Snow. She has written an eBook pictured below and my story is featured. Crazy right! This was an amazing opportunity for me and I’m really happy I did it. If you want to […]

An Opportunity to Share My Story

In South Amboy, New Jersey an organization called American DanceWheels Foundation uses ballroom and Latin dance to bridge the gap in social barriers between the able and disabled community.  The organization recently performed at the Pan American Games which, is the third largest sporting event in the world. Over 10 years, […]

News: Dancers in wheelchairs takes center stage

Hey  hey, people!   Exercising is important for not just one particular thing.  It’s got a list of things that make exercising beneficial to everyone.  Not just health and wellness, but overall mood. Exercising can help because a person’s body releases endorphins.  Endorphins energize your mood, relieve stress, boost your self-esteem, […]

Exercising with A Disability