Good morning, everybody!!!      Today’s blog post is about housing in honor of National Fair Housing Month and the 49th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.  Not just any housing though, housing that is accessible and complies with ADA standards, as well as the discrimination that most people with disabilities face […]

News: Disabled Housing Discrimination at All-time High in 2016

Hi, everybody! It is the beginning of a new month.  Happy April! Every year a site called Flexjobs releases a list of the top 100 companies that do/will have work from home positions available this year.  Flexjobs has over 40,000 companies in their database and their top 100 list are […]

Top 100 companies w| Work From Home Positions…

Headlines:   The Food and Drug Administration  has cleared the exoskeleton to be marketed and sold. Okay, for those that don’t know the powered legs invented for people with an Spinal Cord injury are now being sold.  Exoskeleton came about a few years ago when doctors vowed to study and […]

News: FDA Approves Indego Exoskeleton

Active Forever:  Independent Living Equipment   Hey everybody! Today’s post will be about equipment…independent living equipment.  As a fellow disabled person living with a disability I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want or need their independence.  We have to learn how to do everything in a way where it allows […]

Independent Living Tools

       Hey everybody!! This blog isn’t a part of blogmas.  All blogmas posts are weekly; the daily thing wasn’t working out.  If you haven’t check them out under the Resources tab.  Please do!   Today’s blog is about driving and modifications for vehicles.  Now, every disabled person’s dream is […]

Bank of America to Finance MV-1’s for Disabled

Hi everyone! Today I came across a clothing line that caught my attention, and I had to see what it was all about.   To my surprise it was a clothing line geared toward people with disabilities.  The clothing line is called Independence Day Clothing. Independence Day Clothing was started […]

Independence Day Clothing

Hey everyone!!  Today’s news article covers something that is very important in the disabled community.  That important factor is that of independence.  If you are, know or have a disabled person in your life you know how much independence means to us.  A lot of the government resources and help […]

News: Helping the Disabled Gain Independence

Signs of a Work-From-Home Scam: They never contact you by phone They ask you for bank account information They ask you to make a separate bank account to hold “company funds” The tasks you perform don’t quite fit your job description. ​There’s no one at the said company by your […]

Ways to Spot Work from Home Scams / Also places ...

Being disabled we all know how difficult it is to survive and take care of everyday expenses.  We definitely need another income besides our disability income.  Because, honestly who can afford all of life’s necessities on that alone?? I’ll wait…anyone? Yeah..impossible.  So, those of us that want and need jobs […]

Job Searching and Interviewing with a Disability

Housing: HUD – HUD will give you all the information you need  to know when looking for housing.  It will break down all your rights when being disabled and looking to find a home suitable for you. From reasonable accommodations, modifications, and accessibility.  If renting or owning a home is a […]

Disabled Housing and Education