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  A month ago I got an opportunity to do an interview with Juliette Piazza of Inclusight to talk with her about Uniqueli MADE.  Inclusight is an up and coming platform that thrives to make our society better by giving persons with disabilities better access to employment founded out of […]

Inclusight Interview

For many years people have had the mindset that if you don’t look sick, ill, or disabled it’s not serious. But that is far from the truth. Invisible illnesses are very much real and more serious than some visible ones. Two women named Allie Cashel (diagnosed with Lyme disease at 7) […]

Suffering the Silence

Hey Hey, everybody!!! I’m  backkkkkk! It’s been awhile and all I can say is I’m sorry!  A lot has happened over these last few weeks;  all causing me to take a step back.  I’ve still been working though and compiling content for my readers that would like to see Uniqueli […]

I’m Back!!!!!!!!! &’ Working w|Diversability….

There are many things that everyone has their side on in the disabled community.  One of the biggest debates is that of whether we are to be referred to as handicapped or disabled.  Everyone has their preference.  I did too.   At one point I made an entire YouTube video dedicated […]

Disabled or Handicapped?!?!

I  am Tiffany Johnson,  27 year old  born with Spastic Diparesis Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis. Spastic Diparesis is a form of Cerebral Palsy that mainly affects the lower extremities (i.e legs). Spastic Cerebral Palsy accounts for maybe 70% to 80% of all Cerebral Palsy cases.  There are different severity levels to Cerebral […]

About Me

Signs of a Work-From-Home Scam: They never contact you by phone They ask you for bank account information They ask you to make a separate bank account to hold “company funds” The tasks you perform don’t quite fit your job description. ​There’s no one at the said company by your […]

Ways to Spot Work from Home Scams / Also places ...

Being disabled we all know how difficult it is to survive and take care of everyday expenses.  We definitely need another income besides our disability income.  Because, honestly who can afford all of life’s necessities on that alone?? I’ll wait…anyone? Yeah..impossible.  So, those of us that want and need jobs […]

Job Searching and Interviewing with a Disability

Housing: HUD – HUD will give you all the information you need  to know when looking for housing.  It will break down all your rights when being disabled and looking to find a home suitable for you. From reasonable accommodations, modifications, and accessibility.  If renting or owning a home is a […]

Disabled Housing and Education