News: The Federal Hiring Quota 2018

Hello, everyone! In today’s news post we will follow up on the Federal disability hiring quota I wrote about back in March 2016.  See it here –


The Federal government set a new hiring goal for federal government employment across the board which will allow them to use affirmative action to increase the number of disabled employees on the payroll.  The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission finalized the new regulation earlier this month.  According, to Disability Scoop, 12 percent of each entity’s workforce should be people with disabilities and 2 percent should be those with “targeted” conditions including intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The regulation will also require agencies to provide personal assistance services to employees who need help with eating, using the restroom and other basic activities during the workday.  The EEOC chairperson Jenny Yang says,”increasing employment rates for individuals with disabilities is a national priority for the federal government, these new regulations provide concrete steps and accountability mechanisms to promote employment and advancement opportunities for people with disabilities across the government.”  It is already a requirement in place now in Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act to have affirmative action plans for hiring people with disabilities which, may need EEOC approval but the new regulation will take affect at the top of 2018.


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