27th Birthday Recap!!!

10498013_757055024332741_2230768077621193083_o  Hey Hey people!!! This blog is special because today I’m another year older.  Yes, that’s right I am now 27! Yesterday was my 27th birthday…all glory to the most high.  I made it to see another year.  I didn’t do much because I’m not big on going all out for my birthday just being able to live through it is a celebration to me.  Thank you, to everyone who took time out to wish me a Happy birthday whether through texts, Facebook,etc…I thank you!  So I got to see and spend some time with my family, and I took myself to the movies.  I know you’re probably like, “wait…what? you took yourself.” Yes, I took myself .  Everyone, I wanted to go with had to work including “My king”.  Things with him and I are a little crazy and have been for awhile now but that’s a blog post for a different time.  Just know I love me some him!  Anyway, I went to see Jurassic World.  What an AMAZING movie?! Absolutely loved it!  After, I spent some time responding to text and Facebook posts.  Yes, I personally said thank you to everyone who took out time from their day to make mine special.  Then, I went for drinks and food.

The best part of the day though had nothing to do with my birthday.  The best thing that happened was that of  Marriage Equality .  On June 26th, 2015 history was made!  I know that this topic is highly controversial but I support the LGBTQ community.   I support love of any kind!  I have friends, family, and even fellow disabled advocates that are apart of the LGBTQ community.  I love and support them and believe they should be able to marry as they please.  If I didn’t I’d be a hypocrite because 1.) The bible says, “love your neighbor as yourself”-Matthew 22:39 and “Do not judge,so that you may not be judged.”-Matthew 7:1  2.) I am discriminated against daily being told I can’t do this or that because I’m disabled, as well as being looked down upon like I’m less than…why do that to someone else? 3.)  Everyone has sinned, we’re all sinners and God hasn’t been happy with his people many times, but he knew we wouldn’t be “perfect” before we did that’s why his son died for our sins.  Love is love, and love always wins!  I’m so happy to have witnessed this day!  With everything still going on in the world from all the racially fueled hate crimes, to the terrorism in France and Kuwait, to the flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, the fires in California, to the sickening and painful massacre at Mother Emanuel A.M.E church in South Carolina it’s good to get some great news!  Stop with all the hate! Just love…please just love!

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