Bank of America to Finance MV-1’s for Disabled


     Hey everybody!! This blog isn’t a part of blogmas.  All blogmas posts are weekly; the daily thing wasn’t working out.  If you haven’t check them out under the Resources tab.  Please do!

  Today’s blog is about driving and modifications for vehicles.  Now, every disabled person’s dream is to be independent, and have their own.  Learning to and being able to drive our own cars  around screams freedom.  Lol, it’s like a light bulb and choir start singing “Halleujah” all down in your spirit.  

We are talking and the world is listening.  Companies, especially car companies are making accessible vehicles.  Like, the MV-1 from Mobility Ventures or the Ford MXV.  Both highly accessible vehicles.  Can you imagine getting a fully modified vehicle all your own? Well, the great people at Bank of America are making it possible.  They will finance your MV-1.  If it’s not an MV-1 that you want they will finance just about any vehicle of your choice. As well as the modifications. 


To find out more about it go to  or Bank of America