Blogmas Day 1 – Christmas Gift Ideas for the Disabled

Blogmas Day 1


Hi everyone!!! It is December 1st, 2015 the 1st day of Blogmas.  Are y’all as excited as I am?!  Although, December or as I like to call it Doecember (I’ll make a more in-depth personal post about that later) for me is a really emotional month.  This year I am going to do my best to look at the month positively.

So, on the first day of Blogmas 2015 I thought I’d talk about Christmas gift ideas for someone with a disability.  Now, being disabled we can virtually get anything it’s not a must to get any of these things.  I’m just sharing some ideas.  When shopping for someone with a disability a lot of things have to be considered.  Like, the kind of disability they have, and any limitations, age, likes and dislikes naming a few.  Ultimately, though the best Christmas gifts for a disabled person is something they can use.  Not just once or twice but long term use.


Here’s a list of some things: 

  • Eating and drinking aids
  • Kitchen aids (e. one touch can openers)
  • Easy grip items (spoons, forks, cups, grooming tools, etc.)
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Long handle shoehorns
  • Reaching tools
  • Bathroom aids
  • Seat lifters, or swivel seat cushions
  • Driving aids
  • Electronics (cell phones, computers, tablets, hearing and speaking aids)


Kids will also like:

  • Adaptable toys (plush bears, blocks, puzzles…)


So, hopefully with a few of these ideas you can find something to get yourself or a loved one for the holidays.


Sidenote:  December 1st is also known as World Aids Day.  Millions of people live with this virus on a daily basis, but millions have died as well.  Educate yourself and others…KNOW YOUR STATUS! Also it is Giving Tuesday, a day created in 2012 to commemorate the act of kindness, giving and supporting charities and causes all over the world.  So, why not give today? I did!  See, ya’ll tomorrow!