Blogmas Days 14-23: Loss Before the Holidays


Hey Hey people!!  It is blogmas day 23…today is Doecember 23rd, and in this post I will cover days 14-23.  Now, I’ve said this time and time again throughout blogmas. December is NOT a great month for me.  This is because it represents great loss for me. I know that is a horrible way to commemorate the holidays, but hey…that’s my and many others mindset having loss someone around the holidays.

Losing anyone is hard no matter who it is. These last few months (even more these last couple of weeks) this is what I’ve been dealing with most. Around the holidays though, it’s gut wrenching. You lose whatever spirit you have, and for me it has not stopped. 

A really good friend/sister of mine, as a matter of fact blood couldn’t make us any closer.  She is my big sister and one of my best friends.  Her mother passed away on Monday, December 14th from cancer and was buried today, two days before Christmas.  That was heartbreaking even more than usual because I couldn’t be there physically for my sister.  Her mom meant the world to her, and left an impact on all of us.  She was a kind hearted, soft spoken, strong, and faith filled woman with such an amazing spirit.  God truly gained an angel.  Rest in peace Ms.  Emma!

How do you cope with so much pain?? Hurt? Loss?

I get asked this very often when explaining the load of emotions I carry with me during this month.  There questions I still have a hard time answering.  Because it doesn’t get easier, and time doesn’t heal.  I really wish it did though.  At least, that’s what I used to say.  I’ve learned that in times like these all you can do is lean on your faith or whatever higher power you may believe in, as well as needing a solid support system.  It may not heal, but it will get easier. Easier to cope, to live another day without your loved one.  Your only job is to keep their spirit and memory alive for as long as you possibly can..until you see them again. 

See y’all tomorrow!