Blogmas Days 4, 5, &6 -Ableist Debate, Christmas Shopping, and More

Blogmas Days 4 - 6


Hello beautiful people!! It is Doecember (December) 6th, the 6th day of Blogmas, 2015.  This post will be a mash up of days 4, 5, and 6.   Because I have had a rather uneventful last couple of days with a lot of emotion.  When I’m ready I’ll probably let ya’ll in on what that’s about.  The biggest thing that went on this weekend is the “ableist debate”.  On December 3rd, I made a blog post about Kylie Jenner and her decision to pose in a wheelchair for her Interview Magazine shoot.  The shoot was representative of how she feels that fame and the limelight has paralyzed her.   I understood it, but not a lot of people agreed with me.  (Quick note: This post will be my last time addressing the situation). Many in the disabled community took Kylie doing this personally because they felt she could have chosen another way to symbolize her struggle with fame.  To them being in a wheelchair isn’t glamorous, it isn’t a trap, and most importantly she can change her situation disabled people cannot.  ALL very understandable statements.  Honestly, though Kylie wasn’t speaking on the disabled community she was depicting the way she saw and felt her life was in the limelight.  People say she “chooses” to live in the public eye, but that’s not true in Kylie’s case she grew up in it.  My point is everyone has a chose on how they see and want their lives to be seen…this is her portrayal of her life no one else’s it is not mocking or hurting anyone. In this case though I will agree to disagree because we all have our own opinions and some of us will not agree.

Other than that, I did Christmas shopping for my family, niece, and God children.  As I said, before one of the reasons I love Christmas is because of the memories made, and smiles on the kid’s faces.  It’s my niece’s (Kaydence Ke’Mora, 9 months old) first Christmas and I think I’m more excited than she is.  She really doesn’t understand yet, but I look forward to her tearing wrapping paper and bending boxes.  I love seeing her giggle and laugh.  She’s the light of my life!


Let me know some things ya’ll are looking forward to this holiday.  See you tomorrow!

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