Disability and Entrepreneurship

wheelchairwomanWhat made me want  to be an entrepreneur? Am I an entrepreneur?  I never considered myself this, but I always wanted to be because I’m a creative person and a 9 to 5 never seemed to work for me.  Not from lack of trying but in the city that I’m from jobs for the disabled were slim to none, or little jobs with little pay.  I have even had jobs to tell me that they couldn’t risk hiring me because I am disabled.  Yes, this is true!  Discrimination at it’s best. Being disabled is difficult I know, but I wanted and needed to change this.

That exact reason made me push harder for my dreams.   The unfairness.  I don’t want to go through it and definitely do not want to see anyone else do it.  This is why Uniqueli MADE is important to me.  Things that I find out and have researched that I know work, and can help motivate and allow the disabled community to have a better quality of life is what I aim for.  I know the struggles and it would be great  to be a brand turned into a business. That’s what I’m working towards. I almost want to be like another “voice” for the disabled and say no matter the injustice we can and will make it!

So, am I an entrepreneur? No not yet. But I am definitely on that path.  I don’t plan on stopping  until I have made an impact.


  1. July 1, 2015 / 12:43 am

    It’s so nice to meet another person who is a voice for people who are disabled. I also do advocacy for people and family’s effected by rare genetic disorders. Found your post from the feel good blogging challenge. I look forward to reading your post.

  2. July 1, 2015 / 7:00 am

    Thank you, so much Amanda! It is a passion of mine and I will continue to bring content to advocate for disabilities.

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