Disabled Housing and Education


HUD – HUD will give you all the information you need  to know when looking for housing.  It will break down all your rights when being disabled and looking to find a home suitable for you. From reasonable accommodations, modifications, and accessibility.  If renting or owning a home is a little too much for you right now they even have information on assisted living.  To know what other guidelines there are please look over the Fair Housing Act and the American Disabilities Act
  Education is important to everyone, especially people with disabilities.  Having the proper education is an outlet to endless possibilities.  There are many resources available to help with education and making sure it is affordable and attainable.  Check out ED.gov and We Connect Now for more information. When looking for the right school consider not only major and location you have to look into financial aid, whether on campus or online fits you better, and most importantly can/will they accomodate you properly.
  Employment is a bit trickier when you’re disabled, but with lots of research and time finding a job can be done.  Now, if you have worked before it will be a little easier to find work based on your background and experience.  If you haven’t had a job before than finding work will have to be based on education and skills. As well, as if you are in any organizations that have given you a chance to show leadership or be in a leadership position.  Such as sororities, fraternities, business organizations and so on. The Federal government actively recruits and hires people with disabilities through a process called Schedule A.  There are several sites set up to aid finding work for the disabled.You may even find work-from-home you just have to know what to look for.

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