Exercising with A Disability

Hey  hey, people!   Exercising is important for not just one particular thing.  It’s got a list of things that make exercising beneficial to everyone.  NoSwimmingt just health and wellness, but overall mood. Exercising can help because a person’s body releases endorphins.  Endorphins energize your mood, relieve stress, boost your self-esteem, and trigger an overall sense of well-being. Exercise  helps with things such as depression, anxiety, weight loss and so much more. This is especially true, for the disabled community.  Being disabled we need exercise to keep our muscles and joints limber and functioning properly, or to their best ability.  Whether you’ve become disabled due to injury, birth, or age exercise is a key component.

A  lot of disabled people worry about if they can exercise  as much as able-bodied people? and if so what kinds of exercise can they do? The answer is simply put yes.  Before beginning an exercise regime the best thing to do is consult a doctor.  Find out what types of exercises you should do, how much exercise you should do daily/weekly, and what exercises you need to avoid.

Even though, most of us have mobility issues and are sedentary there’s still lots of exercises we can do to keep healthy.

  • Cardiovascular exercises that raise your heart rate and increase your endurance. These can include walking, running, cycling, dancing, tennis, swimming, water aerobics.
  • Strength training exercises involve using weights or other resistance to build muscle and bone mass, improve balance, and prevent falls.
  • Flexibility exercises help enhance your range of motion, prevent injury, and reduce pain and stiffness. These may include stretching exercises and yoga.

Equipment you can use to achieve your exercise goals are as follows:

3LB weights

resistance bands
Resistance  bands

Medicine balls Medicine balls



*Remember when starting an exercise regime start slow and gradually increase your activity level.*

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