News: Ford Expands Autism Hiring Initiative

  Hey, everyone!  Today’s blog post is about employment, not just any employment hacks but employment for people on the autistic spectrum. 


Awhile back the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Mich started an initiative geared toward hiring people with autism.  The initiative is called Ford Inclusive

Works, last summer they hired four employees with autism to work in product development.  Each of the employees was successful enough to gain permanent positions on Ford’s payroll.  This year, they want to hire 12 to 24 more.  Kirstin Queen, Ford’s Diversity, and Inclusion manager say, their decision to expand was based on the success of the pilot; starting small enabled them to focus on implementing the right way — taking the time to understand what worked well, and what processes could be enhanced for a larger-scale rollout.

Everyone, hired is said to have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree depending on their positions.  The Autism Alliance of Michigan is contracted to help Ford hire new employees through the Ford Inclusion Works initiative.  They say that each employee is making hourly wages equivalent between $31,000 to $38,000 annually in positions in the tire lab, vehicle preparation area, and the design and advanced engineering lab.  Jobs available this year will be in other areas.

The employees that come on through the Ford Inclusion Works Initiative go through the regular hiring process and compete for jobs that are public.  Although, the Autism Alliance of Michigan will identify candidates that they feel would be great for the job.  As well, as for being a support system for both parties making sure that the person’s disability doesn’t get in the way of their true potential.  Once on the job, there’s a wide range of support and accommodations provided by managers and coworkers.  Tammy Morris, chief program officer for the autism group says, she expects the initiative to continue to grow to include people with other types of disabilities and possibly other Ford locations across the country. 

For more on the Ford, Inclusion Works Initiative check it out here or

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