Going Back to School for the Disabled

B2SIt’s the season of “Back to school”!  The end of summer is nearing and school is back in session.   I know most of us wish summer was all year, but there needs to be some education in there somewhere.  Having a disability getting through the school year can be difficult whether you are in grade school, middle school, high school, and even college.    I’ve compiled several tips and tricks that helped me to help you through your school term.

*These tips are generalized especially if you are about to enter grade, middle, or high school for the first time.*

  • Tour the school, and get a feel for the layout.
  • Meet possible teachers and other faculty; talk about your accommodation needs.  (Definitely, take advantage of orientation)
  • Map out how far each of your classes are away from one another.
  • If you have to set up IEP’s get with your parents to see when you and them can meet with your case manager for an IEP Review.
  • Keep organized. (Knowing where everything is or goes keeps down stress)
  • Go to school events. (You’ll usually find out beneficial information while having fun)
  • Get all necessary supplies including electronics like tape recorders, timers, reading guides, calculators, writing supports, etc.
  • Establish routines before and after school. (Doing this will help you to stay on track and sometimes avoid being distracted)

*This is totally for the college students…*

  • *Early preparation!!!!
  • Campus or online.
  • Research college and financial options.
  • Tour the top three choices.
  • Decide whether you’re going to live at home or in the dorms.

Assuming that all of this has been done.

  • Make appointments to meet with all of your professors, and make them aware of your needs so they can accommodate you accordingly.
  • Have all paperwork complete and organized.
  • If you are staying on campus make sure that it or your roommate is able to help assist you with your needs.  (Whether in a dorm or off campus make sure it is in a good distance to your school)
  • Keep up with a schedule not only for classes but any extracurricular activities as well.
  • Have all assistive technology devices needed as well as supplies needed for the course.
  • Last but not least DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

3968Enjoy the school year!!! Shout out to all the Seniors Class of 2019!

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