5 Google Chrome Extensions that help the Disabled STUDY

Hey, everybody! Welcome back and in the spirit of back to school season in today’s post, we’ll be discussing five Google Chrome extensions that will help you to read more efficiently. For some disabled people studying and reading can be difficult due to web inaccessibility. So Google vows to change that. Whether you are in Junior High, High School, or College these extensions will be beneficial especially doing research papers or around exam time.


Here are 5 Google Chrome Extensions that assist you with reading whether disabled or able-bodied:


  • Read & Write – aims to boost confidence with reading, writing, and research. The user-friendly extension’s features include text-to-speech, meaning it can read text on a page aloud or turn speech into text. This tool also offers a built-in text or picture dictionary, word predictions, a translator, and more. It can even summarize a complex text.
  • Readability – This tool gets rid of everything but the text, making a page easier to digest. You can also change the font color and size, and save pages to a reading list for later.
  • Open Dyslexic – This extension was originally designed for people with Dyslexia but can be extremely helpful to those with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.  It transforms the appearance of web pages by changing all the text’s font and format.
  • Beeline Reader –  Each line fades from black to blue or red, making them more easily distinguishable from each other. This guides a person’s eye(s) easily along sentences, making for faster reading with less eyestrain. Like Readability, BeeLine Reader also cuts out all ads, comments, and other distractions to make it easier to concentrate on the text.
  • Visor –  Works by highlighting lines of text and keeping the rest of the page dimmed. It tracks mouse movements so that all the user has to do is move the mouse up and down as he or she reads. Designed for people with visual perceptual difficulties like dyslexia. But disabilities like cerebral palsy or other learning disorders could benefit from Visor in terms of reading comprehension and concentration.

These extensions will come in handy when reading chapters preparing for quizzes, tests, and or exams. Even after you’ve completed school you can use this to read documents for work or business meetings, and so on. Have a wonderful school year you guys!!

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