I’m Back!!!!!!!!! &’ Working w|Diversability….

Hey Hey, everybody!!! I’m  backkkkkk! It’s been awhile and all I can say is I’m sorry!  A lot has happened over these last few weeks;  all causing me to take a step back.  I’ve still been working though and compiling content for my readers that would like to see Uniqueli MADE grow significantly.  I have a lot of things coming your way.  From topics, videos, resources, accommodations, product reviews, news, and so much more.  I’ll be updating my brand and getting a little more structured as well.

Diversability square logo    While on my little hiatus I came across this organization called “Diversability”.  It was actually brought to my attention by a friend of mine.  So, I did some research and fell in love with the concept and meaning behind the organization.  Here’s a little background on Diversability.  Diversability was born in 2009 as the brain child of Miss Tiffany Yu.  After, being apart of a conversation on diversity her last year at Georgetown and noticing disability wasn’t apart of the topic.  She put Diversability in motion, and  launched in April, 2015. Tiffany lost the ability to use her left arm as a result of being in a car accident.  She wants the world to know, “we are more than people with disabilities; we are people with diverse abilities.”  Diversability is a movement to raise disability awareness and reshape conceptions of ability. We provide events and resources that celebrate disability in order to connect, inspire, and empower people of all abilities.  

What we do:
– host meaningful events
– create a connected community 
– share curated content with each other–events, articles, projects
– offer the community an inside look at the Diversability movement

  I loved this and wanted to find out more so I contacted her at Diversability and asked if there was an organization in my area, if not how can I start one?  She said no, and said that they are looking to expand.  She began to tell me what all I needed to do to start and  Diversability-AL came alive, and I became team lead.  If you are in the state of Alabama and want to join or know more about it join our Facebook group Diversability – AL .  To see if there is a chapter in your area or state, or want to start your own check out our site at www.mydiversability.com  .


  1. September 19, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    You go girl. I have been thinking about doing something like that.

  2. September 19, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    Thanks, girl! If you think it’ll be beneficial in your area like I said Diversability wants to be everywhere. There’s instructions on how to get one started on the site now, so just express interest and you could check out the main Facebook.

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