Independence Day Clothing

11094483_810589542327411_750036856_nHi everyone! Today I came across a clothing line that caught my attention, and I had to see what it was all about.   To my surprise it was a clothing line geared toward people with disabilities.  The clothing line is called Independence Day Clothing.

Independence Day Clothing was started by Lauren Thierry,  a former CNN newscaster who has a 17-year-old son with Autism.  After, years of being frustrated and watching her son get frustrated with trying to get dressed and wear normal clothing.  She  thought, “enough was enough! Kids with autism do not have the manual dexterity to button or zip clothing.”  With this in mind she set out to provide a clothing line that has  no zippers, buttons or irritating, scratchy tags.   This would give the person wearing the clothes a sense of independence and style (hints the name Independence Day Clothing).  All items are made to wear frontwards, backwards, inside out, and even outside in.  There’s absolutely no wrong way to wear these clothes.  Independence Day clothing is for everyone from kids to adults.  Whether you are autistic, physically disabled, elderly with dementia, or just want the ease of putting things on quickly these clothes benefit you.

For parents that may have kids that wander off or aren’t able to keep up with clothes the good thing about this line is that GPS can be placed in each piece discreetly.  That way you always know where your child is and they can keep up with their clothes.         To checkout more about Independence Day clothing go to


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