March Indiana’s Disability Awareness Month


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The state of Indiana will now celebrate Disability Awareness Month in March.  Their Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities proclaimed the month of March as Disabilities Awareness Month.   They believe that Disability Awareness Month will bring attention to the positive impact people with disabilities make in their communities.  As well, as for promoting a message of inclusion and acceptance for everyone in the communities.  The theme this year emphasizes that people with disabilities just want to be treated like everyone else. 

Christine Dahlberg, executive director of the Governor’s Council says, “more often than not people with disabilities are called inspirational for simply living their daily lives, like going to work, playing sports or taking care of their yard. People with disabilities don’t want to be objectified, like when the undefeated high school wrestler lets a competitor with Down Syndrome win or when classmates elect two students with severe autism as homecoming king and queen. They don’t want to be the subject of someone’s college application essay or featured in an inspirational Facebook meme. They are people with complex lives, hopes,
and dreams, and want to be treated just like anyone else”.  Over two decades the Governor’s Council has led Disability Awareness month through a unique grassroots campaign that includes creating

theme-specific educational materials, distributed free of charge. The Council asks all people to participate in the side-by-side social media campaign by using the hashtags #SideBySide and #NotYourInspiration.


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