Living w| A Disability – Deon Thomas


UM: What is your name?
Deon: My name is Deon Thomas.

UM: How old are you?
Deon: I am 22 years old.

UM: Where are you from?
Deon: I am from the state of Ohio.

UM: What type of disability do you have?
Deon: I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

UM: When were you diagnosed/ told? How did you handle knowing?
Deon: I don’t remember exactly. It may have been in 2012 and I handled it kind of well.

UM: Was depression a problem? If so, how’d you overcome it?
Deon: Depression was a slight issue. I have times when I get depressed but I’m still working to overcome it.

UM: What limitations does your disability place on you?
Deon: My disability doesn’t allow me to socially interact well until I begin to get to know a person really well.

UM: How did your peers and family handle your disability?
Deon: My family handled it really well like nothing had changed when I was diagnosed.

UM: How has your disability affect daily activities?
Deon: My disability doesn’t really affect my personal life until I meet someone new and it takes me awhile to open up to them.

UM: Are you employed? If so, how does your disability affect your job? Are there any accommodations?
Deon: I am currently employed through VGS (Vocational Guidance Services) working as a custodian at The Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse. Due to VGS, I’m able to work with my disability but at times I worry more about my work getting done than anything else.

UM: Tell me about the biggest obstacle you face having a disability.
Deon: My biggest obstacle remains to opening up myself more to others around me except for those who know how I truly am.

UM: Do you drive? Were you worried that you wouldn’t be able to, or do you want to learn?
Deon: As of right now I have no Temporary License. The part that bothers me the most is the testing portion.

UM: What is something that you hope gets better for the disabled community?
Deon: I hope that others who don’t have a mental or physical disability don’t assume that we’re different. Everyone is different in their own ways but they still look down on others with any kind of disability.

UM: A quote or saying that keeps you motivated? Why?
Deon: Always look on the bright side of life. It keeps me going because of a friend who showed it to me.


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