News: FDA Approves Indego Exoskeleton

Headlines:   The Food and Drug Administration  has cleared the exoskeleton to be marketed and sold.

Okay, for those that don’t know the powered legs invented for people with an Spinal Cord injury are now being sold.  Exoskeleton came about a few years ago when doctors vowed to study and create a technology that allowed persons with an SCI to walk on their own again.  After, years of studies, trials and testing Indego Exoskeleton is now able to be purchased.  But wait, before anyone jumps to buy one of these marvelous inventions they will not come reasonably, and if you or your family want one it will cost a pretty penny.  What’s the price? you ask a pair of Indego Exoskeleton’s are a whopping $80,000.  Yep! You heard me correctly…$80,000.  Now, I’m like you can’t be serious? But I have to ask can you put a price on helping someone to walk?

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