News: Helping the Disabled Gain Independence

Disabled-Worker-4Hey everyone!!  Today’s news article covers something that is very important in the disabled community.  That important factor is that of independence.  If you are, know or have a disabled person in your life you know how much independence means to us.  A lot of the government resources and help put in place to give us that “independence” really doesn’t.  Will this be the case much longer?

Well, three U.S. Senators say no, and they have started the process to change it.  According to Autism Speaks, Senators Chuck Grassley, Ron Wyden, and  Bob Casey, Jr. will create a bill known as the Transition to Independence Act, S. 1604. The bill would create a five-year, ten-state Medicaid pilot program to give bonuses to states for helping people with disabilities achieve the goals of working and living in the community.  To find out more on this story please check out Autism Speaks.

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