News: Inclusion Was Main Focus for DNC

DNCHi everyone!   Monday, July 25th at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia many in the  disabled community felt like they were being heard for the first time in a long time.  After, our concerns and demands were constantly being ignored by politicians,  debate moderators, political commentators,  and many more.  The most obvious one was Donald Trump when he mocked a disabled reporter. 


Until, the DNC made sure that the main focus of  the convention was inclusion in every aspect.  They had a blind man singing the National Anthem, the podium automatically lowered when an individual that had dwarfism went to speak, as well as opening the floor to discuss issues really affecting the disabled.  The DNC made it a priority to incorporate disability rights in this convention.  Unlike the others before it. 



This left an huge impact on the disabled community giving us a glimpse into what may just be our future in this country…what does everyone think?  Can this be a new beginning for the disabled? A long awaited answer to our prayers?


For more on what happened at the Democratic National Convention check out


Shoutout to Amanda Somoza my fellow Diversability advocate!!! She spoke at the convention its first night. 

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