News: New Airlines Accessibility 2017

As early as July 2017 the Transportation Department will draw up a proposal with new regulations laying out better accessibility for people with disabilities when they fly.  After negotiating for seven months the committee in charge of addressing accessibility issues in the Department of Transportation said, they finally came up with ways to move forward and provide accessibility in the bathrooms and on-board entertainment.     

Currently, only one bathroom is required on planes with more than one aisle.  Which can prove to be hectic for passengers who use a wheelchair because most domestic flights only have one aisle.  The agreement that was reached basically states that they will make improvements in increments and eventually require single-aisle planes to have accessible bathrooms.  Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx says, the agreement reached by the ACCESS Committee made up of reps from the airline industry, disabled individuals, and other stakeholders was a necessary first step to ensuring air travelers with disabilities has equal access to air transportation. 

He also stated that it is unfair to expect individuals with limited mobility to refrain from using the restroom when they fly on single-aisle aircraft, particularly since single-aisle aircraft are increasingly used for longer flights. It is also unfair for passengers who are deaf or blind not to be able to enjoy the same entertainment that is available to other passengers.



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