News: New ID’s Help Communication Between Police and Disabled


Hey, everybody, today’s blog post is about a new licensing law the city of Chicago has put in place to help communication between disabled people and police or other first responders.  The card was introduced earlier this year by two state representatives, Stephanie Kifowit and Linda Holmes.  It began as an idea by Lori Price who was teaching her now 19-year-old son Colin Price how to drive.  She was worried about how behaviors related to his autism could affect him if he were to get pulled over. 


The card’s known as the Person With A Disability Wallet Card.  It’s meant to make the presence of a disability more apparent.  It can be placed in your wallet behind your license or taped in the windshield of your car.  They say that it will help officers understand suspicious and unusual behavior.  An Aurora, Illinois police lieutenant says, “the more information we have on people’s abilities and disabilities when we first encounter them, the better we can serve them.” Driver’s licenses already indicate whether a person has a disability or not by using a small black icon on the back.  But for busy officers during a traffic stop, this can be a hassle to look for it because it isn’t noticeable otherwise.


The card is available as of January 2nd to people 16 and older who have been diagnosed with an intellectual, developmental or mental disability such as autism, epilepsy, anxiety, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.  The state has printed over 100,000 cards to date. 


Question:  Do you think it will really fulfill its purpose?

and Should other states consider doing this?


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Chicagoans to get an application for a Person With A Disability Card check out here

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