Valentine’s Day Ideas, 2016

Uniqueli MADE

Hi everyone! Valentine’s Day is one day away.  It’s a day to celebrate everything love.  Whether you have a significant other, or loving thyself this year.  Valentine’s  Day is not meant to be spent sad or waiting for the day to be over.  Spend it with the ones you love friends, family, kids, and whomever you desire to.


Here’s some ideas people of any ability can do to make it the best day possible:

(modify as needed)


  1. Chocolate covered strawberries

  2. Mini Valentines cakes

  3. Rice Krispy treat hearts



  1. Handmade cards

  2. Memory shadow/keepsake box

  3. Photographs/poems



  1. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner dates

  2. Movies

  3. Quality time

  4. Concerts/Live music


These are just a few things that can make your Valentine’s day special with your better half, or just kickin’ back despite your ability.    Remember Valentine’s Day is one day we recognize to show love; but in all honesty we should be showing love to everyone 365 days a year.