You’re broke, don’t have coverage for a wheelchair and need one?

That’s an unfortunate place to be.  Unfortunately, that’s a place that far too many disabled people find themselves in.

So, this is Aeryn’s unofficial post on helping you to find the best wheelchair given the circumstances.

Now, before we begin, please note the following things

  1. I am not a medical professional of any sort.  This is not medical advice, this is not actual official advice on how to measure or any of that.  I have done all of this myself, as a wheelchair user, and I want to help other wheelchair users avoid mistakes I have made and take advantage of things I have learned.  That is all.
  2. This is not going to get you a 100% perfect chair.  If you’re really, really, lucky, it might.  But as much as I love my chair, and I do, there are small things I have problems with.  Wheelchairs are fucking expensive and this is the how to be cheap but also helpful post.  You’re going to need a lot more money for the perfect chair, depending on the situation
  3. this is still going to require a fair bit of money.  My chairs have cost me around $800 each with shipping, so yes, this is a huge amount of money if you’re poor.  HOWEVER, If you are able to do this, there are benefits that I will talk about.  I do understand that not everyone can afford this though.


now let’s talk about Wheelchairs!!!!

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